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A couple we’ve seen recently:

The Hurt Locker– I really liked it. It’s about military bomb squads in Iraq and it had a very realistic feel to it. I also liked that it didn’t have the political undertones that a lot of movies seem to have when they tackle this type of subject matter.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince– Probably my favorite of all the HP movies so far. I did have to laugh a little at the people who were crying loudly during this one though.

Looking forward to seeing:

I Must Recommend

If you like stand up, you are doing yourself and injustice by not watching the acts of the people listed below. Whether you’ve seen the sitcoms of some of them or not, you HAVE to watch or listen to their stand up. There are plenty other good ones out there, these are just my favorites.

Jerry Seinfeld (of course)

Kevin James

Brian Regan

Jim Gaffigan

Nick Swardson

“Stack of Denimoes”

I love the Awkward Family Photos site:

Yeah, I changed the theme again…

Sorry for changing the theme so much lately. I don’t mean to throw anyone off, I’m just not happy with the choices of themes with WordPress. I love the system, just not the design options. Oh well.

Good Restaurant

We ate at Humdinger’s for the first time a couple weeks ago and really liked it. Whenever we go somewhere new or just have a great experience at a restaurant I like to pass on the word. You can check out their menu HERE.

This is the story of Humdinger’s:

A group of American and South African restaurateurs, master chefs with a love of great food, came together to pursue a common passion: They believed casual cuisine didn’t have to be deep fried or loaded with cholesterol to be good. Couldn’t freshly grilled gourmet chicken and fish be just as tasty and a whole lot healthier?

These chefs collaborated to create unique recipes, many using the legendary piri-piri spice. Today at Humdinger’s you can enjoy a mouthwatering array of hot and healthy dishes straight off a fiery grill.

We hope you enjoy the taste of our fresh fare and signature seasonings.

Hell Hath No Fury…

Three women exacted a painful revenge on a cheating husband they discovered had been sleeping with them all at the same time – by super-glueing his private parts. (Don’t worry, there aren’t any pictures of the mangled man.)